sous le ciel de paris.

13 October 2012


"Sous le ciel de Paris
S'envole une chanson
Elle est née d'aujourd'hui
Dans le cœur d'un garçon"

("Under the sky of Paris
A song escapes
It was just invented today
In the heart of a young man")

Edith Piaf

The new colour protection film by The Impossible Project is quite remarkable. Have you tried it yet?

As an 'Impossible Pioneer' I was able to test the film ahead of its public sale. I happily snapped several packs during a recent trip to Paris. No more shading! Hurrah! This changes everything...

Dawn of Candidly Clyde very kindly featured Everything Reminds Me of You in her roundup of 'Ten Photo Blogs You Should Be Following'. Check it out!

Elle x

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  1. so dreamy <3

  2. Wow. These are dreamy. Sort of ghost-like, but not in a scary way. They're like the gray glove of memories. It's interesting. But, despite what I think, what do YOU think? :)

  3. Yeay Elle!! I haven't tried any yet but I'm excited about these films, I think I'm going to ask for some for Christmas :) I love these so much, I keep imagining what it would have been like to have polaroids in Paris with me.

  4. The Little Sparrow! Amazing how such a big voice came from such a tiny woman. And these instant photos melt my little heart.

  5. Carissa de los santos12 February 2013 09:01

    i just love the photos.
    great concepts



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